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Exploring your career opportunities, you will be received in an environment full of benefits. As one of the main supermarket chains in the country, we offer higher quality products and exceptional customer service. Join our team and enjoy exclusive advantages, making your work experience even more enriching.


Prominent absolute in the supermarket segment.

In the middle of the extensive overview panorama, we highlight as one of the main supermarket chains, presenting several job opportunities. With a presence that exceeds 1700 units across the country, we are recognized as a reference in the sector, providing not only high quality products but also an enriching professional environment. We invite you to be part of this dynamic experience, enjoying the numerous benefits and making your work day even more rewarding.

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The application does not require previous experience.

From the beginning, we want to emphasize that, even without previous experience or at an advanced stage of your professional career, we firmly encourage your candidacy. We value the uniqueness of the skills that each individual can contribute to strengthen our team.

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